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Bringing 5-Star Quality to Mobile Services

First-Class Service

Make your event unforgettable. When you schedule On the Rocks Pouring Services, you set a date with quality service. Our professional and always smiling mobile bartenders specialize in bringing the party to you.

We Deliver More, Directly to Your Party

Give yourself, your family and your guests access to the best bar service by selecting our talented bartenders. We know the perfect cocktail to get the party stirring. From the old classics to the trendiest drinks. This makes our master bartenders the perfect resource for picking the right drinks for your event. That’s right — we will help you take the guesswork out of mixing up your menu.


Our Services Include:

First-Class Bartending & Professional Waitstaff
Terrific, Affordable Service
Professional Appearance
Helpful Drink Advice
Quality Mixers
All the Glassware You’ll Need
Dance Floors and Lighting

We Will Help You:

Select Drink Types
Pick Liquor Brands
Decide on Beers
Weigh Wine Options
Choose Mix Flavors
Select the Right Amount
All at No Extra Charge!

Liquor Liability

On the Rocks Pouring Service carries over $3 million in General Liquor and Liability insurance for the the United States, protecting your guests and ensuring you have a great time!

Why Hire Us?

Imagine the future: imagine your party. The drinks are selected and your menu is set. Our mobile bartenders were there two hours early to make certain everything was set up professionally, and we even helped your friends set out chairs. Our bartenders were ready and willing to lend a hand when you needed it. That’s first class service.

Quality Service that you Deserve

We took the time to make you and the guests of your choosing a pre-party drink — the perfect drink at that. That’s 5-star quality care.

Your event is running smoothly. Off to a terrific start, and you know your guests are going to love the bar service. That’s because you chose On the Rocks Pouring Services.

Our outstanding mobile bartenders are dressed right, know how to keep your guests entertained, and can sense when a glass of water is in order. That’s how we take the pressure off hosting so you can enjoy your big day and that’s why we are the perfect choice for your next party.

Serving Up a Great Time

On the Rocks Pouring Services is here to help you host an amazing event. When you choose us, you select mobile bartenders who have mastered mixing today’s and yesterday’s favorite drinks. You can also choose an attentive, ever-smiling and sharp-looking crew that is committed to ensuring your party goes as smoothly as possible. This includes arriving early, offering a helping hand and making few fantastic beverages for you and your VIPs.

When we say we bring 5-star quality to mobile cocktails, we mean it. We want you to have a party everyone will be boasting about! To hear more, just give us a call and contact us.

Mobile Bartending

Giving yourself and your guests the event everyone will be talking about is easy with help from On the Rocks Pouring Services. Our pouring professionals make serving up a great time as simple as selecting your drink menu.


Cigar Bar

Looking for the ultimate cigar experience? With our Mobile Cigar Bar Package, you’ll have the full cigar lounge experience come to you! All you need to do is select the cigars for you and your party to enjoy, and we’ll do the rest!

Let’s Save the Date

We are ready to make your special occasion one for the record books. When you are ready, give us a call at
904-557-8526. Our bartenders will be happy to assist you with any questions you have about planning the perfect party for your next occasion.

Email: info@ontherocksjax.com
Phone Number: 904-557-8526
Liability Insurance: On the Rocks Pouring Services carries $3 million in General Liquor and Liability insurance.

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